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From the shore most of the tourists begins their acquaintance with Lake Baikal. Only 70 km from Irkutsk, and You are on lake Baikal!

The village appeared on the shore of Lake Baikal in the XVIII century. Original name Listvennichnoe is connected with larches (“listvennitsa”) which grew on nearby bay. Ancient trees have survived to the present day, but the name of the village changed in the 1950th. Today the village is called Listvianka.

All waterways across the Baikal started in Listvianka; the custom house was stationed there. Foreign travelers, royal ambassadors, famous Russian writers came to the village on their way to China, Japan or the Far East. The story of the village is the story of the Baikal fleet, tea trade, scientific studies of the glorious sea.

After the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric power plant, a part of the coastal area of the village was flooded, and Listvianka was transformed into a single-row settlement.

How to get:

By public transport or private cars. The village is 70 km away from Irkutsk.

By hydrofoil “Voskhod”. The route is available daily (www.vsrp.ru).

Possible activities:

-Walk along the Baikal shore– Listvianka stretches along the lake shore for 5 km. In winter, from February to March, you can walk on ice.

-Taste Baikal fish in one of many local cafes.

- Use the chair lift to Cherski Stone to visit the observation platform. Magnificent views of Lake Baikal, snow-covered peaks of the Khamar-Daban, the source of the Angara-river with legendary Shaman Rock, Baikal Port where the Circum-Baikal railway (KBZhD) begins can be seen from the Stone.

-Visit the Baikal Museum. You will learn the story of Lake Baikal, its flora and fauna. More than 20 species of Baikal fish and two wonderful Baikal seals (nerpa) live in massive aquariums, the water in which comes daily from the 500 meter depth of Lake Baikal. Also you will find an interactive dive to the maximum depth of the lake at 1637 meters.

-Visit the seal aquarium, a show of Baikal seals. The nerpa is the only freshwater seal in the world, a Lake Baikal endemic. Trained Baikal seals can sing, dance, and play the ball and even count.

-Visit a fish and souvenir market. At the market you can buy Baikal fish prepared differently: salted, dried, cold smoked or hot smoked on alder branches. You can also find here the endemic of Lake Baikal – the golomyanka fish. Local artists sell Baikal stones with the image of the nerpa – the symbol of Lake Baikal, beads and other jewelry made of semiprecious stones, birch bark products and other souvenirs.

On the way to Listvianka you can visit the open-air museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy".

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