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Lake Frolikha

The lake is relatively large – 16.5 sq. km., it has an unusual shape (resembles a heart), the depth reaches 80 m, and the water is very clean and clear. The peaks of the Barguzin ridge beautifully frame the lake.

The Frolikha is under protection of the Frolikha reserve.

No any recreation centers, hotels or settlements are located nearby. Because of the inaccessibility, there are very few tourists. It allows keeping the nature untouched.

A rare relict fish of the Russian Red book – Arctic char, or Davatchan – inhabit the Frolikha. The way that davatchan got into the lake Frolikha remains one of the mysteries of Lake Baikal.

How to get:

Lake Frolikha is located in the North of Lake Baikal, very far from the main transport hubs of the region – 910 km from Irkutsk and 530 km from Ulan-Ude. You can come by plane or come by train to Nizhneangarsk or Severobaikalsk, and then you cross the Baikal by boat to come Ayaya Bay or Khakusy. A scenic eco-trail brings you from Ayaya Bay to the Frolikha. The trail is suitable for untrained people. And it leads 7 km one way.

However, the best option to see Frolikha (and many other protected areas) – to go on a Lake Baikal cruise.

Possible activities:

-          Swim in the lake;

-          Admire natural beauties;

-          Meditate on the shore;

-          Ride a kayak;

-          Enjoy a picnic on the shore.

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