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Ayaya Bay

Ayaya Bay (please do not mix it up with Aya Bay in the southern part of lake Baikal) is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Baikal with a golden sandy beach. 

Locals claim that the name of the bay comes from an exclamation of surprise: "ay-ay, what a beauty!" In fact, the name comes from the Evenk "Aya" - beautiful.

The bay deeply cuts into the shore and forms a cozy, quiet area, sheltered from some cold Baikal winds. An underwater reefrises above a meter above the water surfacein the bay and sometimes Baikal seal get together there – this is one of the few places on Lake Baikal, where, if you are lucky, you can meet seals in their natural habitat.

The place is protected by the Frolikha reserve to keep its original beauty.

 How to get:

Ayaya Bay is accessible only by boat from Severobaikalsk or Nizhneangarsk. The Bay is in the protected area, and you are obliged to obtain a permission from the administration of the reserve.

 Possible activities:

-          Walk, relax on the beach;

-          Hike along the eco-trail (7 km.) to the glacial lake Frolikha.

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