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One-day tour to Olkhon Island by bus
With a boat ride
  • 1 day
  • from 4 to 21 September
  • Complexity 
  • Group tour

Olkhon is the largest of 26 islands on Lake Baikal, situated in 300 km from Irkutsk. It is called the "heart of Baikal". The most important island’s places of interest were created by nature itself.

Attractions you have in one-day tour to Olkhon Island by bus:

  • Try a "burkhan" ceremony - donate local shamanic gods

  • See the most famous landscape of Lake Baikal - Shamanka Rock

  • Ride local picturesque 4WD mini-vans – UAZ

  • Taste Buryat cuisine – boozy

  • Make a boat ride

Excursion cost
8 700 rub.
Children up to 10 y.o.
4 350 rub.
Excursion cost 8 700 rub.
Children up to 10 y.o. 4 350 rub.

  • Bus transfer Irkutsk-MRS-Irkutsk
  • Russian speaking guide service (English speaking guide on request)
  • Transfers on Olkhon Island (UAZ minivans)
  • Meals: morning snack, lunch in a cafe in Khuzhir village, dinner in a cafe
  • Boat ride (2 hours, Small Sea Straight)
Dates Empty seats
4 september finished
7 september finished
11 september finished
14 september finished
18 september finished
21 september finished
Excursion program
  • Irkutsk
  • Olkhon Island
  • Shamanka Rock

6:30 – transfer to MRS (44, Gagarin Boulevard)

Short stop on the way for second breakfast. 

11:30 – arrival in MRS, ferry crossing to Olkhon, change for local UAZ minivans

11:50-16:30 – Olkhon tour (Cape Burkhan, Shamanka Rock, Khuzhir village, lunch, Cape Khorgoy, the ancient wall)

16:30-18:30 – boat ride within the Small Sea Straight

18:30 – transfer to Irkutsk with a stop for dinner

23:30 – arrival in Irkutsk (44, Gagarin Boulevard)

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Olkhon IslandIrkutsk
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