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Ulan-Ude is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia; the population is more than 400 thousand people. It is one of the oldest cities of Transbaikalia, founded in 1666 by Russian Cossacks.

The hallmark of the city is the central Square of the Soviets with the most unusual monument to Lenin – a bronze head with a height of almost 8 meters and a weight of 42 tons. It is interesting that the design of the monument was once recognized as the best at the world exhibition in Montreal, Canada.

Ulan-Ude is a major railway junction (the TRANS-Siberian railway, a railway to Naushki and Ulan Bator). The way from Moscow takes more than three days. The International Airport "Baikal", located 15 km from the center of Ulan-Ude, services flights of "Buryat airlines", “S7”, “Pobeda” and "Yakutia". Flights from Moscow take 5.5 hours, Irkutsk – 40 minutes.

The ethnographic Museum of the peoples of Transbaikalia, the entrance to which is built in the style of Buddhist architecture and the Museum of the Buryat history are among the most interesting sights of the city. Their exhibitions tell the story of the peoples of this region since ancient times. The Museum of the Buryat history is a must-visit to those who show interest to Buddhism, as it displays a large collection of religious objects of this religion, rare Buddhist books in Tibetan and old Mongolian languages, as well as the "Atlas of Tibetan medicine" — a monument of Buddhist art and a versatile source to study Buddhist culture. The Museum of Buryat nature is worth visiting and there you get acquainted with the unique exhibits in zoology, geology and soil science.

Possible activities:

-Take a city tour with a guide. The places of interest are situatedin a short area– well-preserved wooden houses, the Buryat Opera and Ballet Theatre, Arbat street, Odigitria (Virgin Mary) Cathedral and, of course, the Square of the Soviets.

-Visit one of the Buddhist datsans of the city.

-Try Buryat cuisine - a landmark of Transbaikalia. While in Ulan-Ude, be sure to try dishes such as boozy, tarasun, salamat and others that are offeredin local cafes and restaurants. 

-Buylocal souvenirs: dolls in national clothes, original combs, glasses and wine glasses made of wood or horn, leather and felt products, as well as handmade hunting knives, etc.

-Walk around the city; see the unique architecture of the city.

- Visit Ivolginsky Datsan, 35 km from Ulan-Ude.

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