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Davsha is a tiny village on the North-Eastern shore of Lake Baikal. The population is only 10-15 people, while the majority are seasonal workers of the Barguzin nature reserve. The name Davsha has Evenk roots and means "meadows", or "wide open area".

The Central office of the Barguzin nature reserve was in Davsha for a long time. Today Davsha is a division of the reserve. The Barguzin reserve was the first reserve in Russia created in 1916 to keep a population of the Barguzin sable.

How to get:

Davsha is a remote place; there are very few tourists there. Thanks to it the untouched nature and beautiful landscapes has remained.

Davsha is reached by water in summer or by hovercraft on ice in winter.

A visit to the village is included in the program of some Lake Baikal cruises.

Possible activities:

-Visit a small but interesting museum of Baikal nature. Definitely, during the lecture at the museum you will not have to yawn and get bored. The excursion is conducted by a researcher of the reserve. The people, who work there, are real experts. They have extensive practical experience in the study of Lake Baikal, its flora and fauna. Do you want to hear how your guide met a bear in the taiga? You are welcome.

- Visit a hot spring. The water source is sulfate-sodium, slightly mineralized, with temperature + 42 °C. You can take a bath in a specially equipped house-bath.

- Walk along the shore – it is very beautiful. And you can go hiking along the river South Birakan.


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