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Kadilnaya Valley

Kadilnaya Valley is located on the western shore of Lake Baikal. This is a protected area; here is a ranger station of the Pribaikalsky National Park. There is a pier at the station where ships and boats can moor, a guest house and a bathhouse on the shore.

The valley and the cape got their name from limestone kilns. A quarry where the limestone was mined and kilns were deserted long ago.

The valley is known for its caves, diverse in shape and length. The most famous of them – "Chapel" - is quite accessible to visitors without special training and skills.

Мыс Кадильный.jpeg

How to get:

- In summer – by private boat or motor ship, in winter – on ice by hovercraft.

Also there are hiking trails. There is a multi-day trekking route Listvianka – Bolshie Koty – Kadilnaya Valley – Bolshoe (Big) Goloustnoe. Trail’s total length is 55 km. You can reach Bolshie Koty by scheduled hydrofoil and then go hiking a small section of the trail. Kadilnaya Valley is in 15 km .

Possible activities:

- Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal and admire the views.

- Go hiking to Cave Chapel - 3 km one way, 2.5-3 hours. A trail leads from the shore to Strela (“Arrow”) Rock where the cave is (1-1.5 km deep in the valley). The cave is located at the foot of the mountain at the fork of the valley. The cave has a hall of an oval shape and the size of 8*12 m. The cave arch of 20 m height ends through the opening. Traces of ancient bonfires and a variety of household items of the Iron Age were found in the cave together with fangs of wild boar, bones of bulls, horses, seals and other animals.

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