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Saraisky Beach

Beautiful sandy Saraisky beach is located on Olkhon Island, near Khuzhir village. It stretches for 3 km in length and almost a kilometer in width from Cape Burkhan (Shamanka Rock) towards the north of the island. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest, and the gray mountains can be seen on the opposite shore of Lake Baikal.

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In high season there are usually a lot of tourists. No cars are allowed to the beach. Staying in a tent is possible with the permission of the Pribaikalsky National Park.

Saraisky beach – sand and pebble, beautiful, light golden in color, the beach itself is sandy, small pebbles only at the water's edge. The entrance to the water is rocky, but smooth.

Where is the name "Saraisky beach" came from? In Russian the word “sarai” means a barn. Associations with the "barn" are not true, the name, according to local historians, comes from the Buryat "saraa" - spread out, stretch.

How to get:

You need to come to Olkhon Island, reach Khuzhir village and go to Cape Burkhan and

Shamanka Rock. The picturesque sand line of the Saraisky beach is on your right.

Possible activities:

-          In summer – sunbathing and swimming in Lake Baikal (unless, of course, you are not afraid of cool water).

-          Round the year -visit legendary Cape Burkhan and Shamanka Rock.

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