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Ogoi Island
Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment

Island Ogoi (from Buryat "ugungoi" - waterless) is a smalluninhabited island in the Strait the Maloe (Small) Sea.

Previously, Ogoi was a natural reservation, preserving the untouchable wealth of natural flora, only scientists and local anglers were interested I it.

In 2005, a Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment dedicated to Dakini Troma Nagmo was erected on top of the island on donations of volunteers from all over the world.

The word "stupa" in Sanskrit means "top, peak". According to Buddhist cosmology, the stupa symbolizes the world mount Meru (Sumeru), through which the world axis passes connecting earth, space, sky,and connecting humanity with some divine worlds. Buddhist stupas have a special purpose: dissolve the entire negative in the world and contribute to the prosperity of the area where they are built.

To perform these important tasks sacred texts and Buddhist relicsare laid in the stupa. The stupa on Ogoi Island was the first such an extensive library of original Buddhist texts (weighing about 750 kg) collected in one place, which were specially sent from different countries. The Ogoi stupa stores previously unknown to Western science Buddhist texts in Tibetan and Sanskrit. In addition to ancient manuscripts, the stupa keeps 2.5 tons of mantras and sacred Buddhist relics and substances: a bronze statue of Dakini Troma Nagmo, the sacred substance of Shakyamuni Buddha (hair particles and blood); the relics of 40 Buddhist saints, various minerals, shells from the oceans, the Holy land of Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico, and from various Christian places of Northern Russia and the Moscow region; the water from all the oceans, rusty corps of aviation bombs of times of the World wars; millet, corn, buckwheat.

Why Ogoi for was selected for construction? First, it is a "clean" place – people have never lived here. Then, the contour of the island resembles a dancing Dakini with open arms: the northern part of the island clearly resembles the outline of the head, shoulders and arms. Coincidentally, the stupa, built on the highest point of the island, is in the “heart” of Dakini.

How to get:

In summer – by boat from Olkhon Island or from the Maloe (Small) Sea shore. Ogoi Island is included in the program of our Lake Baikal cruises.

In winter – on the ice by car or hovercraft “Khivus” – there is usually a very beautiful ice and picturesque ice grottoes.

Possible activities:

- Enjoy the views of Lake Baikal;

- Take atmospheric photos;

- Make a wish and walk around the Stupa of Enlightenment an odd number of times. Buddhists believe that walking around of a stupa promises the accumulation of good merit. The more times you do, the more likely that the wish will come true in this life. The most zealous believers walk around 108 times: it is believed that this guarantees liberation and purification.

- Recharge your batteries and meditate.

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