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Cape Shartlai
Cape Pokoiniki

These places rarely appear in the traditional, popular tourist routes – it is difficult to find more pristine and wild places on the map of Lake Baikal. 

This is the territory of the Baikal-Lena Reserve. The landscapes of the reserve are natural and almost not disturbed by human beings. Unique and typical regional natural complexes, objects and phenomena, including seasonal concentration of brown bears on the Baikal shore, coastal rookeries of the Baikal seal are protected and studied there.

Guides will surely tell you a few horror stories and legends about Cape Pokoiniki (the Dead). One of the legends says that many years ago all fishermen died at the cape from an unknown disease, the other says that there used to be a large Buryat ulus, whose population died out in a couple of days. There is a third legend: supposedly, there was a shipwreck, since the Cape has been known as Cape of the Dead. However, no matter how rich the local folklore, the first detailed map of Lake Baikal, which was made by Navigator Pushkarev in 1773, has the following explanation: "the Cape is called Calm. Storms pass it by." Therefore Cape with the ominous, at first glance, name "the Dead" is actually quiet calm, with beautiful nature. Cape Pokoiniki is the clearest place; the numberof sunny days is big.

Cape Shartlai is in 10 km from Cape Pokoiniki. Here peaks of the Baikal mountain range with heights of more than 2 thousand meters come close to the lake, the dumps here are large and the depths are abyssal.

How to get

In summer – only by private boat or ship. Pokoiniki and Shartlai are 90 km north of Olkhon Island. Cape Shartlai is in the program of our cruises.

In winter, you can get to by“Khivus” hovercraft or by car in the period of solid ice.

Possible activities:

People come here to see and capture the wild Baikal, untouched, pristine nature and gorgeous views. Wild animals live here in abundance. Fromshipboard,you can often see and take pictures of the brown bear on the shore in its natural habitat.

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