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Lake Baikal Awakening
Cruise on the ship "Alexander Veliky"
  • 7 day
  • May
The May cruise to the virgin areas of Lake Baikal is not only unique natural attractions, but also the indescribable atmosphere of Spring Baikal.

The cruise program " Lake Baikal awaking" by "Alexander Veliky» motor ship includes:
  • Stop right above the deepest Lake Baikal place-1642 m;
  • Olkhon Island visit to admire the most recognizable must-see of Lake Baikal - Shamanka Rock, and have a jeep tour to the North of Olkhon;
  • Visit to Ogoi Island to see the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment and make a wish;
  • Visit to the largest rookery of the Baikal seal (nerpa) – the Ushkany Islands and hope to see the seal in its natural environment;
  • Visit to Akademicheskaya Bay with breathtaking stilted trees and enjoy the legendary Russian bathhouse on the shore of Lake Baikal;
  • Unique glacial Lake Frolikha
  • Walking tour through the real wild Siberian taiga in Zavorotnaya Bay.
Motor ship "Alexander Veliky"
Regular capacity - 27
Total capacity - 34 passengers
Speed - 18 km / h
14 cabins
Endurance of a ship - 12 nights
Crew - 18
Ship modernization: 2000 / 2018 
Register class: М
Decks: 2
Length overall: 39,4 m.
Width overall : 6,9 m.
Board depth: 4,4 m.
Depth overall: 7,25 m.
Draught: 1,93 m.
Landing - by ladder
Cruise cost
from 57 750 rub.
Cruise cost from 57 750 rub.
  • Full board*
  • Guide services
  • Excursions, recreational fees**
  • Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back
  • Visa support for foreign tourists
*Day 1 - lunch, dinner, Day 7 - breakfast **Visiting of the Small Ushkany Islands (a rookery of Baikal seals): the payment in cash is made on spot to a National park ranger – 2500 rub/person
Акция раннего бронирования:
  • До 01.10.20 г. – 15%
  • До 01.11.20 г. – 10%
  • До 01.12.20 г. – 5%

Акция действует при оплате 100%.

Paid separately
  • Air or train ticket to Irkutsk
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Visiting of the Baikal seals rookery on the Ushkany Islands
  • Accommodation at a hotel before or after the cruise
  • Additional excursion program before or after the cruise
  • Посещение Ушканьих островов (лежбище байкальской нерпы) оплачивается на месте - 2500 руб./чел.
Dates Remaining seats
23 — 29 may, 2021 8
Twin Cabin
№3, 4, 5, 6, 7, two single beds, windows to open, 8 m²

84 000 rub.
115 500 rub.
Double Cabin
№11, 12, one double bed, windows to open, 8 m²

84 000 rub.
122 000 rub.
Single Cabin
№2, single bed + upper berth, windows to open, 6,5 m²

57 500 rub.
+ (Доп.место)
72 500 rub.
Triple Cabin (twin + extra bed)
№8, 9, 10, 15, two single beds + upper berth, windows to open, 9 m²

84 000 rub.
115 500 rub.
+ (Доп. место)
150 500 rub.
Triple Cabin (double + extra bed)
№13, 14, one double bed + sofa, windows to open, 10 m²

84 000 rub.
122 000 rub.
+ (Доп.место)
157 000 rub.
Cruise program
  • Irkutsk
  • Listvyanka

08.45 – meeting at the hotel “Irkutsk” (44,Gagarin Boulevard).
09:00 – transfer to Listvianka to board the motor ship.
70 km along the Baikal motor road – your direct way to the Baikal! On the way – meeting your guide and some facts about the lake.
Boarding, accommodation in cabins. Meeting the crew. Security measures briefing.
The cruise starts! After the dinner - a guide’s event

The first day – 380 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Listvyanka
  • The Ushkany Islands
  • Chivyrkuisky Bay

Not any tourist can reach this area. We make a stop at the deepest place of the Lake – 1642 m. We conduct a ritual to cajole the Baikal and ask his mercy during the cruise.
After lunch, weland at the Small Ushkany Islands and you have an opportunity to visit a rookery of Baikal seals and observe these lovely animals in the wildlife (Please, take into consideration: the payment in cash is made on spot to a National park ranger – 2500 rub/person).
Late in the afternoon, we arrive at Chivyrkuisky Bay. For those to whom the Baikal water still seems too cold, there are hot springs useful for the treatment of sciatica and the musculoskeletal system.
In the evening - «Sacred Lake Baikal" quiz in the restaurant.

Today we sail 280 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Ayaya Bay
  • Lake Frolikha

We reach the north of Lake Baikal! We land in Ayaya Bay ("Ayaya" – very beautiful). We hike along the picturesque taiga eco-trail to the mountain glacial lake Frolikha(7 km., moderate difficulty). The view that we get at the end of the path is fantastically catching, because the Frolikha is one of the most intimate, untouched pearls of the Baikal nature.

Picnic on the shore with taiga tea.

Today we sail 190 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Zavorotnaya Bay

We come to Zavorotnaya Bay. Today we have a fascinating walk (about 3 km one way) to relict poplars and cedars, some of them more than 2 meters in diameter!

There are rich fishing areas here, so for fishing lovers a good catch is expected. Our chef will be happy to cook a tasty fish soup for you.

Today we sail 135 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Olkhon Island
  • Ogoi Island

Today we come to the famous Island of Olkhon, whichis called the "heart" of Lake Baikal. We landat Cape Sagan-Khushun, change to a colorful local UAZ – the only minivan that never fails in the absence of asphalt, and go to the northern extremity of Olkhon - Cape Khoboy.

The indigenous residents of the Baikal Region are the Buryats; today we will touch some of their culture. Today we delight beautiful landscapes, as well as local Buryat legends. We visit Shamanka Rock – one of the nine shrines of Asia and the most famous Baikal landmark.

Our ship waits for us in the village of Khuzhir.

Later we depart to Ogoi Island and visit the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment-a modern attraction, however with an interesting story.

Today we sail 73 km along Lake Baikal and go 50 km across Olkhon Island !

  • Peschanaya Bay

Our day is rich in activities.We arrive at Akademicheskaya Bay, the "Baikal Dunes" holiday center. At first, we visit PeschanayaBay and Babushka Bay (1.5 km, low difficulty). On the way, we meet some "stilted" trees, and the aim of our excursion is a beautiful sandy beach in the azure bay.

After lunch, we have an excursion to Observation Rock (2.5 hours, medium difficulty) to see the fascinating and catching panorama of the Baikal. Russian bathhouse on the shore when we return.

Captain’s dinner in the evening!

Today we sail 90 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Irkutsk

End of the cruise.

Before we go to Irkutsk, we visit a fish and souvenir market.Transfer to Irkutsk. Approximate arrival in Irkutsk – 12.00

Route on the map
Olkhon IslandListvyankaIrkutskChivyrkuisky BayOgoi IslandThe Ushkany IslandsAyaya BayPeschanaya BayZavorotnaya BayLake Frolikha
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