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  • 8 day
  • June-August

The motor ship "Alexander Veliky" is a comfortable ship, class “Standard”, was renovated in 2018. The great advantage of this ship is an ability to approach practically any point within Lake Baikal.
The route of the eight-day cruise includes the main attractions of Lake Baikal. Many places cannot be visited by land!
What is in the cruise program of "Alexander Veliky" 8 days /7 nights?
  • We visit the Baikal Museum and learn many interesting facts about Baikal,
  • We visit Olkhon Island and see the most recognizable landscape of Lake Baikal – Shamanka Rock and Cape Sagan-Khushun in the north of the island, learn many Buryat legends,
  • We visit Ogoi Island and see the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment to make a wish,
  • We visit the largest rookery of the Baikal seal – the Ushkany Islands, and almost certainly see the seal in its natural environment,
  • We swim in the hot springs in Chivyrkuysky Bay and Khakusy,
  • We walk in secluded Zavorotnaya Bay to relict poplars,
  • We sunbathe in Akademicheskaya Bay, see stilted trees and go to a Russian bath on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Motor ship "Alexander Veliky"
Regular capacity - 27
Total capacity - 34 passengers
Speed - 18 km / h
14 cabins
Endurance of a ship - 12 nights
Crew - 18
Ship modernization: 2000 / 2018 
Register class: М
Decks: 2
Length overall: 39,4 m.
Width overall : 6,9 m.
Board depth: 4,4 m.
Depth overall: 7,25 m.
Draught: 1,93 m.
Landing - by ladder
Cruise cost
from 160 000 rub.
Cruise cost from 160 000 rub.
  • Full board
  • Guide service
  • Excursions, recreational fees
  • Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back
  • Visa support for foreign tourists
  • Питание: День 1 – ужин, День 2-7 – завтрак, обед, ужин, День 8 – завтрак
  • Высадки на берег и посадки производятся с помощью трапа.
  • К сожалению, мы не можем гарантировать хорошую погоду, отсутствие ветра и волн. Мы будем очень стараться выполнить заявленную программу, но погода может вносить коррективы в наш маршрут. Во время круиза капитан теплохода отвечает за Вашу безопасность, поэтому последнее слово в решении о корректировках маршрута всегда за ним.
  • Скидка 5% на каюты для пенсионеров. Скидка 5% на сборные круизы по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий» для людей пенсионного возраста*.

  • Скидка 10% на каюты для маленьких путешественников!  Скидка 10% на сборные круизы по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий». При размещении в каюте детей возрастом до 12 лет включительно, вы получаете скидку 10% на всю каюту! Подарите своему ребенку яркие впечатления и незабываемые моменты вместе с нами!

  • Дети до 5 лет путешествуют бесплатно! Дети до 5 лет включительно путешествуют бесплатно в каюте с родителями. При бронировании сборного круиза по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий» выберите каюту с дополнительным местом (дополнительное место может быть диваном или местом верхнего расположения, в зависимости от выбранной каюты). Оплатите два основных места в каюте для взрослых пассажиров и наслаждайтесь путешествием вместе! 

*скидка предоставляется при предъявлении пенсионного удостоверения.

Акции и скидки не суммируются

Paid separately
  • Visiting of Khakusy springs (payment by cash on spot - 500 rur/person)
  • Visiting of the Baikal seals rookery on the Ushkany Islands (payment in cash on spot 2000 rur./person)
  • Accommodation at a hotel before or after the cruise
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Additional excursion program before or after the cruise
  • Air or train ticket to Irkutsk

Select a date to view the cabins

Dates Number of cabins for sale
29 may — 5 june finished
18 — 25 june started
3 — 10 july sold
17 — 24 july sold
26 july — 2 august sold
8 — 15 august 1
17 — 24 august 3
Twin Cabin
№3, 4, 5, 6, 7, two single beds, windows to open, 8 m²
Cost for

240 000 ₽ 270 000 ₽
290 000 ₽ 320 000 ₽
Double Cabin
№11, 12, one double bed, windows to open, 8 m²
Cost for

218 000 ₽ 243 000 ₽
263 000 ₽ 289 000 ₽
Single Cabin
№2, single bed + upper berth, windows to open, 6,5 m²
Cost for

168 000 ₽ 183 000 ₽
206 500 ₽ 226 000 ₽
Triple Cabin (twin + extra bed)
№8, 9, 10, 15, two single beds + upper berth, windows to open, 9 m²
Cost for

240 000 ₽ 270 000 ₽
290 000 ₽ 320 000 ₽
340 000 ₽ 370 000 ₽
Triple Cabin (double + extra bed)
№13, 14, one double bed + sofa, windows to open, 10 m²
Cost for

240 000 ₽ 270 000 ₽
290 000 ₽ 320 000 ₽
340 000 ₽ 370 000 ₽
Cruise program
  • Irkutsk
  • Listvyanka

13.00     Guest meeting for the bus, the Irkutsk hotel main lobby. Meeting the guide.
Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvianka, the Baikal museum.
Excursion to the Baikal museum (luggage is delivered to the motor ship).
Boarding “Alexander Veliky”.Meeting the crew. Safety measures briefing. Welcoming luncheon.
Departure to Ogoi Island.
Dinner on board.
Evening program.

  • Listvyanka
  • Ogoi Island

Arrival at Ogoi Island.
Ogoi Island is one of the Baikal “places of power. In 2005, the Stupa of Enlightenment was erected. If you walk around the Stupa barefoot three times, it can help to clean up your mind from deep emotions, worries and problems. You can also make a wish, which will definitely come true.
It is recommended to come to the Stupa with pure thoughts only.
Breakfast on board.
Excursion to the Stupa of Enlightenment.
Return to the ship. Departure to Khuzhir, Olkhon Island.(Pribaikalsky National park).
Free time on board.
Lunch on board.
Arrival in Khuzhir, Olkhon Island.The guests ashore.
  Olkhon Island is the largest island of Lake Baikal. Olkhon is the geographical, historical and sacral center of the lake. Here, according to legends, the Buryats appeared, and the first Buryat shaman got his gift. Shamanka Rock is one of the nine shrines in Asia. The cave in the Rock is considered the habitat of the spirit-protector of Olkhon Island.
Visit to the museum of local lore.
Island excursion.Sacred Shamanka Rock. Free time on the local beach.
Return to the ship
Dinner on board.
Guide’s event.Free time.Departure to the Ushkany Islands (Baikal seals rookeries).Zabaikalsky national park).

  • The Ushkany Islands
  • Chivyrkuisky Bay

Arrival at the Ushkany Islands.Optional visit to a rookery if the weather is fine (payment in cash on spot).
  The Ushkany Islands have the status of a natural monument. The archipelago consists of four islands: Big Ushkany Island and the Small Ushkany Islands: Long, Thin and Round. Baikal sealscan be seen in their natural habitat there. Sometimes hundreds of them get together on rocky beaches. That is why the Islands are classified as a protected area of the Zabaikalsky Park and visits are strictly limited. Inspectors of the Park protect the Islands.
The seal is a very timid animal, and therefore while visiting seal rookeries it is necessary to observe some important rules: not to make noise, not to kindle fires, to walk only along specially laid paths. In order not to frighten off seals, when visiting the Ushkany Islands you should not wear bright clothes. The Islands are covered with the ancient taiga- forest of tall pines and larches, bushes of Daursky rhododendron. Unusual sea cabbage blooms early in summer on the steep shores of the islands. The most interesting phenomenon of the Ushkany Islands is massive anthills. Islands anthills are number one in Russia in terms of their quantity. About 20 anthills can be located on a hectare.
  Optional visit to the rookery if the weather is fine (payment in cash on spot).
Breakfast on board.
Departure to Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay, Zabaikalsky National Park.
  Chivyrkuisky Bay is one of the most interesting, attractive and visited places in the Zabaikalsky national Park. It is shallow; the water temperature reaches 22-24ºC.The bay is painterly. Sandy beaches, islands, majestic and picturesque capes, thermal springs, dwarf cedar thickets, bird colonies attract the attention of tourists. The coastline of the Bay is heavily indented and forms a number of small and wind-protected bays. One of them is Zmeinaya (Snake) Bay, which is famous for its hot springs that pour out in several places on land and under water. The Bay name is connected with the non-poisonous coluber, which sometimes appear here. Spring temperatures range from + 32 to + 45 °C. The water is bicarbonate-sulfate-sodium, with the smell and taste of hydrogen sulfide, with a fluorine content of 10 to 23 mg/l.
  Arrival in Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay.
Lunch on board.
Guests ashore. Bathing in hot springs and swimming in Lake Baikal are optional.Dinner on board.
Departure to Khakusy, Northern Baikal.Guide’s event.Free time.

  • Lake Frolikha

We have reached the north of Lake Baikal! We land in Ayaya Bay("Ayaya" – very beautiful). We hike along the picturesque taiga eco-trail to the mountain glacial lake Frolikha (7 km., moderate difficulty). The view that we get at the end of the path is fantastically catching, because the Frolikha is one of the most intimate, untouched pearls of the Baikal nature.

Picnic on the shore with taiga tea.

In the evening, if the weather is fine, we land in Hakusy area. It is a natural resort in the northeastern coast of Lake Baikal with powerful thermal springs appearing from the rock in the dense pine taiga. There are small swimming pools there; if you decide to swim-the price is 500 rubles/person.

Today we sail 170 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Zavorotnaya Bay

Arrival in Zavorotnaya Bay.
A geological settlement in Zavorotnaya Bay was built in 1962 after the first deposit of micro quartzite had been discovered. This abrasive mineral of very high durability was used to polish metals. Later, similar deposits were discovered in Canada and Central Asia. The micro quartzite is more effective than a diamond paste. In 1970, a road to the field was built - 2.8 kilometers to the serpentine, and 4 kilometers to the quarry. Mining was stopped in 1993.
Breakfast on board. Free time.
Lunch on board.
Taiga walking tour,3 km. Dinner on board.Free time.
Departure to Cape Sagan-Khushun, Olkhon Island.

  • Cape Khoboy

Today, we return to Olkhon Island, this time to the northern part of it to the picturesque Cape Sagan-Khushun (“Three Brothers” Rock). Our know-all guide tells you a legend, why this place is called in this way.

Optionally, a minivan tour to the northern extremity of Olkhon (Cape Khoboy). The tour is booked in advance, 1 800 rubles/person, duration 3 hours. The tour is available for the group of 8 people and more.

In the afternoon, our ship arrives in Surhaite area and we walk to the women and men's healing springs.

Today we sail 194 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Peschanaya Bay

Arrival at the holiday center “Baikal Dunes”, Academicheskaya Bay.
Breakfast on board.
Excursion to Babushka Bay. Do not forget to have swimsuits with you.
An unforgettable excursion. It includes a visit to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay, Babushka Bay,BolshayaKolokolnya (Big Bell-tower) Rock .Peschanaya Bay is famous for its 750 m long beach beautifully framed by BolshayaKolokolnya and Malaya Kolokolnya Rocks. You will see the famous stilted trees, from under which the Lake winds constantly blows away sandy soil. They grow on a slope in the northern part of the Bay. These are pines and larches that have risen above the ground on the roots-stilts above a human height. Going down to Babushka Bay, please pay attention to Cape Ded (Grandfather). From the trail, it becomes clear where the name of the Cape comes from. A trail laid through the thickets of Daurian rhododendron, connects these two bays.
Peschanaya Bay is one of the most famous and picturesque places on the Lake. It does not leave anyone indifferent. The name of Siberian Riviera is also fixed for the Bay, and it is declared a natural monument. As if the Creator, decorating the shores of Lake Baikal, felt here some inspiration and sculpted rocks, smooth mountain slopes and the right semi-oval of the Bay beach with special love, harmoniously placing it all on a small space of the Baikal coast. The bay climate is mild with a large number of sunny days a year. This is the only place in Eastern Siberia where the average annual air temperature is positive (+0.4°C).
Lunch on board.
Optional excursion to Observation Rock.Russian bath with herbal tea on the shore.Captain’s dinner.
Party dress code.Free time.
Departure to Listvianka, VSRP pier.

  • Irkutsk

The ship arrives in Listvianka, VSRP pier.
Breakfast on board.
10:00 Guests’ disembarkation in Listvianka, VSRP pier. End of the cruise.Guests visit a local fish and souvenir market.
11:00 Transfer Listvianka – Irkutsk, hotel “Irkutsk"

Meals: Day 1 - dinner, Day 2-7 - breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 8 - breakfast

Landing and boarding are made with a help of a ship’s ladder.

Sorry, it is impossible to guarantee good weather, no winds or no waves. We try very hard to follow the stated program. However, the weather can make adjustments to our route. The captain of the ship is responsible for your safety during the cruise, so the final word in the decision on any route change is always on him.

Route on the map
ListvyankaIrkutskChivyrkuisky BayOgoi IslandThe Ushkany IslandsPeschanaya BayZavorotnaya BayCape Khoboy Lake Frolikha
Инна 7 october
Наш круиз на теплоходе «Александр  Великий» продолжался  с 18 .06 по 25.06.2023г. И это как мне кажется одна из самых интересных программ, мы доплыли до северной точки Байкала бухты Аян и побывали на озере Фролиха. По прошествии нескольких месяцев круиз вспоминается как сказочное путешествие. Невероятные виды , фантастические ландшафты , походы по заповедным местам , купание в источниках, но в равной степени вспоминается и команда людей, которая смогла только усилить атмосферу нирваны и гармонии.  Профессиональная команда, но в то же время очень позитивная и доброжелательная, повар-волшебник Родион, аниматор Николай, надеюсь его песня собственного сочинения о Байкале  когда нибудь станет гимном Байкала и конечно наш гид  Анна. Всю свою любовь к  Байкалу и  знания старалась передавать нам каждую минуту и судя по квизу  у нее это получилось отлично. Интеллигентная, обаятельная и в тоже время очень четкая и выдержанная, профессиональная походница, таких гидов можно встретить только в России. Теперь наша мечта как и у многих кто побывал в круизе увидеть зимний Байкал. А пока вспоминаем с легкой грустью зарядку на палубе, прекрасные завтраки Родиона и закаты, которые собирали на палубе всех путешествующих вместе с нами.
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