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Cruise "Around Lake Baikal"
8 days / 7 nights

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Video about the cruise
  • 8 day
  • June-August

The motor ship "Imperia" is the largest and one of the best cruise ships on the Baikal.
The eight-day cruise route allows you to cover the entire Baikal from the south to the north. It is possible only on a cruise.
What is in the cruise program of "Imperia" 8 days /7 nights?
  • We visit the Baikal Museum and learn many interesting facts about Baikal,
  • We visit Olkhon Island; we see the most recognizable landscape of Lake Baikal – Shamanka Rock,
  • We go to the north of Olkhon Island – Cape Sagan-Khushun by local colorful jeeps (UAZ),
  • We visit Ogoi Island; see the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment to make a wish,
  • We visit the largest rookery of the Baikal seal – the Ushkany Islands, and almost certainly see the seal in its natural environment,
  • We swim in hot springs in Chivyrkuysky Bay,
  • We land in Ayaya Bay (from the Evenk "Aya" - beautiful) and visit the glacial Lake Frolikha,
  • We listen to an interesting lecture from the staff of the Barguzin Reserve in Davsha village (believe us, it's not boring)
  • We sunbathe in Akademicheskaya Bay, see stilted trees and go to a Russian bath on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Ship "Empire"
Regular capacity — 50 people
Total capacity — 50 people
Speed — 14 km/h
26 cabins
Restaurant, bar, sauna with a small pool
Endurance of a ship - 12 nights
Crew - 18

Ship modernization: 2007
Register class: М 
Decks: 3 
Length overall: 58,7 m
Width overall: 9,5 m 
Board depth: 4,4 m
Depth overall: 14 m
Draught: 3,2 m
Landing - with the help of life boats

Cruise cost
from 181 000 rub.
Cruise cost from 181 000 rub.
  • Excursions, recreational fees
  • Full board (day 1 - dinner)
  • Guide service
  • Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back
  • Visiting of Russian bath-house
  • Питание: День 1 – ужин, День 2-7 – завтрак, обед, ужин, День 8 – завтрак
  • Высадки на берег и посадки производятся с помощью шлюпки.
  • К сожалению, мы не можем гарантировать хорошую погоду, отсутствие ветра и волн. Мы будем очень стараться выполнить заявленную программу, но погода может вносить коррективы в наш маршрут. Во время круиза капитан теплохода отвечает за Вашу безопасность, поэтому последнее слово в решении о корректировках маршрута всегда за ним.

  • Скидка 5% на каюты для пенсионеров. Скидка 5% на сборные круизы по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий» для людей пенсионного возраста*.

  • Скидка 10% на каюты для маленьких путешественников!  Скидка 10% на сборные круизы по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий». При размещении в каюте детей возрастом до 12 лет включительно, вы получаете скидку 10% на всю каюту! Подарите своему ребенку яркие впечатления и незабываемые моменты вместе с нами!

  • Дети до 5 лет путешествуют бесплатно! Дети до 5 лет включительно путешествуют бесплатно в каюте с родителями. При бронировании сборного круиза по Байкалу на теплоходах «Империя» и «Александр Великий» выберите каюту с дополнительным местом (дополнительное место может быть диваном или местом верхнего расположения, в зависимости от выбранной каюты). Оплатите два основных места в каюте для взрослых пассажиров и наслаждайтесь путешествием вместе! 

*скидка предоставляется при предъявлении пенсионного удостоверения.

Акции и скидки не суммируются

Paid separately
  • Air or train ticket to Irkutsk
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Accommodation at a hotel before or after the cruise
  • Additional excursion program before or after the cruise
  • Visiting of the Baikal seals rookery on the Ushkany Islands (payment in cash on spot 2000 rur./person)

Select a date to view the cabins

Dates Number of cabins for sale
23 — 30 june finished
14 — 21 july finished
7 — 14 august 2
16 — 23 august 7
Twin Cabin
two single beds, 9,5 m²
Cost for
Main deck 
294 000 ₽
360 500 ₽
Lower deck 
windows closed
247 500 ₽
320 000 ₽
Double Cabin
one double bed, 10 m²
Cost for
Upper deck 
294 000 ₽
360 500 ₽
Single Cabin
one single bed, 7,5 m²
Cost for
Main deck 
207 500 ₽
Upper deck 
207 500 ₽
21-35 m². Two areas – bed room (one doible bed) and sitting area.
Cost for
Main deck 
356 000 ₽
490 000 ₽
Upper deck 
343 000 ₽
449 000 ₽
Lower deck 
windows closed
320 000 ₽
399 000 ₽
Cruise program
  • Irkutsk
  • Listvyanka

13:00 Guest meeting for the bus, the hotel Irkutsk main lobby. Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvianka, the Baikal museum. Excursion to the Baikal. Museum. (Luggage is delivered to the ship).
Boarding “Imperia” in Listvianka, VSRP pier. Meeting the crew. Safety measures briefing. Welcoming luncheon. Departure to Ogoi Island.
Dinner on board.
Welcoming event.
Guide’s lecture: “Lake Baikal: from birth to the present”:
-origin of the lake;
-geography and climate;
-depths and bottom topography;
-water properties;
-islands and peninsulas;
-flora and fauna;
-“Mir” expeditions on the lake.

  • Olkhon Island

Breakfast on board.
Arrival at Ogoi Island.
Disembarking by boats, if the weather is fine (takes30-40 min).
Excursion around the island. Visit to the Stupa of Enlightenment.
Ogoi Island is one of the Baikal “places of power. In 2005 the Stupa of Enlightenment was erected. If you walk around the Stupa barefoot three times, it can help to clean up your mind from deep emotions, worries and problems. You can also make a wish which will definitely come true.
It is recommended to come to the Stupa with pure thoughts only.
Embarking by boats (takes 40-60 min). Departure to Khuzhir, Olkhon Island.
Olkhon Island is the largest island of Lake Baikal. Olkhon is the geographical, historical and sacral center of the lake. Here, according to legends, the Buryats appeared, and the first Buryat shaman got his gift. Shamanka Rock is one of the nine shrines in Asia. The cave in the Rock is considered the habitat of the spirit-protector of Olkhon Island.
Lunch on board.
Visit to Sacred Shamanka Rock. Visit to the local lore museum ( optional).
Embarking by boats (takes 40-60 min). Departure to the Ushkany Islands (Zabaikalsky National Park).
Dinner on board.
Free time.
Evening lecture: “Olkhon Island is the home of shamanism”:
-nature and climate;
-Khuzhir – the biggest settlement on the island;
-places of interest;
-Buryats lifestyle, culture and religion.

  • The Ushkany Islands
  • Chivyrkuisky Bay

Arrival at the Small Ushkany Islands.
Optional visit to a Baikal seal rookery if the weather is fine (payment in cash on spot). Disembarking/ embarking by boats, if the weather is fine (takes 40-60 min).
The Ushkany Islands have the status of a nature monument. The archipelago consists of 4 Islands: Big Ushkany Island and Small Ushkany Islands: Long, Thin and Round. On the rocky beaches of the Ushkany Islands, one can see seals in their natural habitat. Here they are going to a few hundred. Therefore, islands are related to the protected area of the Zabaikalsky National Park and a visit to them is strictly limited. The Islands are protected by inspectors of the Zabaikalsky National Park from poachers and excessive number of visitors. Nerpa (Baikal seal) is a very timid animal, so when visiting rookeries of the seal it is necessary to observe very important rules: be quiet, not to set fires, to walk only on specially laid trails. In order not to frighten the seals, when visiting the Ushkany Islands, please avoid wearing bright clothes. It is beautifully preserved forest of tall pines and larches, dense thickets of Daursky rhododendron on the islands. Early in summer, an unusual seaweed blooms on steep shores of the islands. The islands are rich in ant colonies, about several thousandof them or about 18-20 anthills per a hectare.
Departure to Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay (Zabaikalsky National park).
Breakfast on board.
Arrival at Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay (sand beach). Disembarking by boats, if the weather is fine (takes 40-60 min).Bathing in hot springs is available.
Lunch on board.
Disembarking by boats if the weather is fine.
Guests ashore. Swimming in Lake Baikal.
Dinner on board.
Departure to Lake Frolikha, Ayya Bay (Frolikha reserve).
Dinner on board.
Quiz: Sacred Lake Baikal.

  • Ayaya Bay
  • Lake Frolikha

Breakfast on board.
Disembarking by boats, if the weather is fine (takes 30-40 min).
Ecological trail to Lake Frolikha. Trail length – 7 km. Trail difficulty – easy.
Picnic with a taiga tea boiled on the fire (lunch-boxes are taken from the ship).
Lake Frolikha is one of the most protected places in Northern Baikal. It is a mountain lake formed in the glacial period, when two glaciers collided in the valley. The ice dam restricted river flows and formed a huge lake. Since then, little has changed: all the same, mountains and the taiga have surrounded it. Beauty of the Frolikha is extraordinary! Lake Frolikha is worth visiting if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, untouched by a man. A rare Arctic fish "davatchan" has inhabited the lake since the ice age. The davatchan is listed in the Russian Red Book. It has not been definitely explained how the fish appeared in the Frolikha.
Embarking by boats (takes 30-40 min). Departure to Davsha village (Barguzinsky Nature Reserve).
Dinner on board.
Free time. Sauna on board. DVD films and table games in the bar on the main deck.

Arrival in Davsha.
Breakfast on board.
Disembarking by boats if the weather is fine (takes 30-40 min).
Visit to the nature museum. Lecturer - a Barguzinsky Nature Reserve researcher.
Davsha village is located on the territory of the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve, the oldest reserve in Russia. It was founded in 1916 as the Barguzinsky sable reserve to protect and increase sables’ population, widely killed for their valuable fur. In 1946, Davsha was founded as a scientific settlement in the reserve. Since 1953, the Museum of nature has existed. Here you can be acquainted with the story of the reserve, the diversity of flora and fauna. The museum displays a unique herbarium, a collection of local birds and insects.
Picnic on the shore with a taiga tea boiled on the fire (lunch boxes are taken from the ship).
Ecological excursion from Davsha to the South Birakan river mouth. A scientific researcher of the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve conducts the excursion. Trail length – 2 km. Trail difficulty -easy.
Embarking by boats (takes 40-60 min). Departure to Uzury, Olkhon Island.
Dinner on board.
Guide’s lecture:“Many faces of Buryatia”:
- history;
-geography, climate, water resources;
-flora and fauna;
-administrative and territorial division;
-culture, lifestyle, religion and traditions.

  • Ogoi Island

Arrival in Uzury, Olkhon Island.
Breakfast on board
Disembarking by boats if the weather is fine (takes 40-60 min).
The ship departs to Khuzhir (no guests on board).
Automobile tour “Places of power” to Cape Khoboy (UAZ vans).Lunch-boxes are taken from the ship.
Route: Uzury- Cape Shunte (left) – Cape Khoboy – Cape Sagan-Khushun (Three Brothers Rock) – Peschanaya (Sand) Valley - Khuzhir.
Length – 100 km. Route difficulty – easy.
Tour "Places of power" passes through the northern part of Olkhon Island within the Pribaikalsky National Park where one can see the basic landscapes of the island, enjoy the expanses of Lake Baikal and get a lot of positive impressions! You will pass through the steppes, see some picturesque bays with blue clear water and small islands of strange shapes, make stops in the Aeolian sands; you will see the catching endless shores of Lake Baikal from the high mountains of Olkhon coast. Finally, you will enjoy a delicious picnic on Cape Khoboy. The places you visit on this route, are not only beautiful, but filled with energy.
Embarking by boats (takes 40- 60 min). Departure to the holiday center “Baikal Dunes”, Akademicheskaya Bay.
Dinner on board.
Free time. Sauna on board. DVD films and table games in the bar on the main deck. Evening tea.

  • Peschanaya Bay

Arrival at the holiday center “Baikal Dunes”, Academicheskaya Bay.
Breakfast on board.
Disembarking at the “Baikal Dunes”, Academicheskaya Bay.
The holiday center "Baikal Dunes "is located 280 km from Irkutsk, on the territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park. The well-groomed territory and the well-arranged beach zone in combination with the new wooden cottages, which are organically entered into a landscape of Academicheskaya Bay, leave pleasant impression. Surrounded by ancient rocks, beautiful Siberian taiga and lake Baikal, the holiday center offers its guests accommodation in one of the most beautiful places on lake Baikal, where everything creates a great mood: the taiga slopes of the Primorsky mountain ridge, large and small rocks, cedars, larches, a clean beach of fine quartz pebbles.
Excursion to Peschanaya and Babushka Bays.
Trail length – 1,5 km. Trail difficulty - easy.
Lunch on board.
Free time on a sand beach. Optional: excursion to Panorama Rock.
Russian bathhouse with Baikal herbal tea on the shore.
Captain’s dinner (Party dress-code).
Departure to Listvianka, VSRP pier.
Free time. DVD films and table games in the restaurant.

  • Irkutsk

The ship arrives in Listvianka.
09:00 – 10:00 Breakfast on board.
Disembarking in Listvianka, VSRP pier. End of the cruise.
Getting on the bus. Visit to a local souvenir and fish market.
11:00 Transfer: Listvianka-Irkutsk, hotel “Irkutsk”.

Meals: Day 1 - dinner, Day 2-7 - breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 8 - breakfast
Landing and boarding are made with the help of boats.
Sorry, it is impossible to guarantee good weather, no winds or no waves. We try very hard to follow the stated program. However, the weather can make adjustments to our route. The captain of the ship is responsible for your safety during the cruise, so the final word in the decision on any route change is always on him.

Route on the map
Olkhon IslandListvyankaIrkutskChivyrkuisky BayOgoi IslandThe Ushkany IslandsPeschanaya BayLake Frolikha Ayaya Bay
Владимир 13 august
Большое Спасибо компании "Истленд" за интересный и познавательный круиз на т\х "Империя" 26.07.2022-02.08.2022. Все прошло замечательно и без проблем. Отмечу слаженную работу команды корабля и гидов. Например несмотря на  cложившиеся неблагоприятные погодные условия в один из дней путешествия, когда мы не смогли посетить Ушканьи острова, мы посетили их и посмотрели на нерп в другой день на обратном пути в хорошую погоду  и даже осуществили незапланированную остановку в Баргузинском заповеднике, то есть даже "перевыполнили план" нашей туристической программы.
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