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Baikal Holidays
Cruise on the ship "Alexander Veliy"
Video about the cruise
  • 6 day
  • June-August

The motor ship "Alexander Veliky" is a comfortable ship, class “Standard”, was renovated in 2018. The great advantage of this ship is an ability to approach practically any point within Lake Baikal.

The tour route gives you a chance not only visit and see the main attractions during the cruise, but also relax in one of the most beautiful bays of Lake Baikal.
What is in the tour "Baikal holidays» program?
  • We visit Kadilnaya Valley, the most active - hike to Chapel cave,
  • We visit Olkhon Island where we see the most recognizable landscape of Lake Baikal – Shamanka Rock,
  • We go to the north of Olkhon – Cape Sagan-Khushun by local colorful jeeps (UAZ),
  • We visit Ogoi Island and the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment to make a wish,
  • We visit the largest rookery of the Baikal seal – Ushkany Islands, and almost certainly see the seal in its natural environment,
  • We spend two full days in Akademicheskaya Bay (holidaycenter "Baikal Dunes") – we can sunbathe, swim (for those who are not afraid of cool Baikal water), walk to some beautiful places.

Motor ship "Alexander Veliky"
Regular capacity - 27
Total capacity - 34 passengers
Speed - 18 km / h
14 cabins
Endurance of a ship - 12 nights
Crew - 18
Ship modernization: 2000 / 2018 
Register class: М
Decks: 2
Length overall: 39,4 m.
Width overall : 6,9 m.
Board depth: 4,4 m.
Depth overall: 7,25 m.
Draught: 1,93 m.
Landing - by ladder
Cruise cost
from 60 250 rub.
Cruise cost from 60 250 rub.
  • Full board
  • Guide service
  • Excursions according to the program, recreation fees
  • Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back
  • Accommodation at the tourist camp "Baikal Dunes"
  • Transfer from "Baikal Dunes" to Itkutsk by regular ship
  • Visa support for foreign tourists

  • Питание: День 1 – обед, ужин, День 2-5 – завтрак, обед, ужин, День 6 – завтрак, обед
  • На борту теплохода круглосуточно работает бар, где Вы можете приобрести чай, кофе, снеки, алкогольные напитки. Свой алкоголь на борту теплохода запрещен.
  • К сожалению, мы не можем гарантировать хорошую погоду, отсутствие ветра и волн. Мы будем очень стараться выполнить заявленную программу, но погода может вносить коррективы в наш маршрут. Во время круиза капитан теплохода отвечает за Вашу безопасность, поэтому последнее слово в решении о корректировках маршрута всегда за ним.

С 18 марта по 15 июня 2021 года  получайте кешбэк 20% при оплате путешествия картой «Мир», зарегистрированной в Программе лояльности для держателей карт «Мир». Отправиться в путешествие можно на 2 и более ночи с 18 марта по 30 июня включительно. Максимальный размер кешбэка за одну операцию — 20 000 рублей. Подробнее
Paid separately
  • Air or train ticket to Irkutsk
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Additional excursion program before or after the cruise
  • Accommodation at a hotel before or after the cruise
  • Visiting of the Baikal seals rookery on the Ushkany Islands (payment in cash on spot 2000 rur./person)
  • Посещение Ушканьих островов - сбор нац. парка ок. 2500 руб./чел.
Dates Number of cabins for sale
14 — 19 june sold
2 — 7 august sold
Twin Cabin
№3, 4, 5, 6, 7, two single beds, windows to open, 8 m²

102 000 rub.
Main deck
120 500 rub.
Double Cabin
№11, 12, one double bed, windows to open, 8 m²

102 000 rub.
126 000 rub.
Single Cabin
№2, single bed + upper berth, windows to open, 6,5 m²

60 250 rub.
+ (Доп.место)
80 250 rub.
Triple Cabin (twin + extra bed)
№8, 9, 10, 15, two single beds + upper berth, windows to open, 9 m²

102 000 rub.
120 500 rub.
+ (Доп.место)
159 500 rub.
Triple Cabin (double + extra bed)
№13, 14, one double bed + sofa, windows to open, 10 m²

102 000 rub.
126 000 rub.
+ (Доп.место)
165 000 rub.
Cruise program
  • Irkutsk
  • Listvyanka
  • Kadilnaya Valley

10:00 – transfer to Listvianka to board the motor ship ( from the hotel “Irkutsk”, 44, Gagarin Blvd)
70 km along the Baikal motor road – your direct way to the Baikal! On the way – meeting your guide and some facts about the lake.
Boarding, accommodation in cabins. Meeting the crew. Security measures briefing.
The cruise starts! Today we are going to picturesque Kadilnaya valley, where you have a chance to visit a mysterious cave.
The first day – 215 km along Lake Baikal!

  • Kadilnaya Valley
  • Ogoi Island
  • Olkhon Island

We arrive at Olkhon Island that is called the heart of the Baikal. We visit legendary Shamanka Rock, one of the nine sacred places in Asia. Possibly you have seen iton TV or in Internet becauseShamanka Rock is the most famous Lake Baikal attraction.
The Buryats are Lake Baikal native people. Today we get in touch with their culture. Most Buryats practice Buddhism, or Shamanism. In the morning we arrive at Ogoi island to visit the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment – the modern, but interesting sight.

Today we sail 143 km along Lake Baikal!

  • The Ushkany Islands
  • Olkhon Island

Early in the morning while the lake is covered with mist, we land on the Small Ushkany Islands. You have an opportunity to visit a rookery of Baikal seals and observe these lovely animals in the wildlife (attention: the payment is made to a National park ranger – 2500 rub/person).
We return to Olkhon Island and come to its northern section. We land in Uzury where we change for local minivans –UAZ- the only reliable vehicles where no asphalt. We take a tour around the northern part of the island. The day will be full of catching landscapes and local legends.
Our ship waits for us in Khuzhir.

Today we do 307 km along Lake Baikal and 40 km around Olkhon Island!

  • Peschanaya Bay
We arrive at Academicheskaya Bay, the "Baikal Dunes" holiday center. Our ship returns to Listvianka. We stay at the “Baikal Dunes”. After lunch we visit Babushka Bayand PeschanayaBay (1.5 km, difficulty level – low). On the way we meet some "stilted" trees, and the aim of our excursion is the beautiful sandy beach in the azure bay.
  • Байкальские дюны 
  • Peschanaya Bay

Today we have an excursion to Observation Rock (2.5 hours, difficulty level – medium) to see the fascinating panorama of the Baikal.
Free time after lunch. You can swim and sunbath.

  • Irkutsk

After lunch we return to Irkutsk by “Barguzin”, the scheduled hovercraft.
21.00 - End of the tour.

Today we sail 90 km along Lake Baikal by fast ship!

Route on the map
Olkhon IslandListvyankaIrkutskKadilnaya Valley Ogoi IslandThe Ushkany IslandsPeschanaya Bay
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